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Dear Friend of Democracy, Freedom, and Peace:

More than 14,000 people have been killed during the most recent Russian war against Ukraine, which began in 2014. Many thousands more have been crippled, disabled, or severely injured; and more then 1.5 million civilians have been displaced, or are internal refugees.

Our small volunteer group in Buffalo, NY organized Pierogi For Peace fundraisers to rase money for humanitarian efforts and we have already made hundreds of shipments of humanitarian aid including sleeping bags, winter coats, boots, socks, tourniquets, bandages, syringes, wheel chairs, and emergency respiratory equipment. Total weight of shipments is much more than 50,000 pounds. From 2014 through 2019 the Buffalo Ukrainian Community has raised $91,208 and we have spent $90,552. Most of our expenses have been for shipping and transportation which has allowed us to leverage several million dollars of medical aid donated by generous American  organizations. We also helped displaced people, orphanages, families that lost loved ones and woulnded soldiers.

If you want to help defend Ukraine from the Russian invasion, or if you want to help those volunteers that are crippled, maimed, or disabled, then please contribute.


Ukrainian Federal Credit Union – Ukrainian American Freedom Foundation  - “Humanitarian Aid Account” - Account # 1100443653


A very warm, and sincere “THANK YOU” to all the volunteers that helped make the Pierogi for Peace Fundraiser a great success.
Thank you to volunteers that donated their time and effort to make over thousands of varenyky, hundreds of holubtsi, kapusta, Paskas - Easter breads, and delicious sweets.
Thank you to all that worked during an event; in the kitchen, serving food, selling tickets, selling sweets, cleaning.
Thank you to volunteers that made baskets and lead the basket raffle.
Thank you to everyone that donated baskets, gift cards, and money so we could have over 130 baskets for raffle each year.
Thank you to St Nickolas Ukrainian Church parish for letting us use their kitchen to make varenyky.
A huge“THANK YOU” to Father Yuriy Kasyanov, and the parishioners of Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church, who generously donated their lovely hall at 200 Como Park Blvd in Cheektowaga for fundraisers every year.
The generosity and compassion of the western New York Community is amazing and inspirational. 

May God continue to Bless You All!